Corona Systems – Portable Sheet-Fed and Roll-to-Roll Treating System

Portable Sheet-Fed and Roll-to-Roll Treating System From Corotec is Fully Self-Contained.

Corona Systems – Power Density Control

The Corotec Power Density Control System can be panel-mounted as an integral part of Corotec power supplies, or furnished as an enclosed, self-contained unit for remote operation.

Corona Systems – LCT Series Power Supplies

Our compact LCT Series power supplies are specifically designed for narrow web.

Corona Systems – CPT Series Power Supplies

Select the low-cost CPT series for maximum economy and economical performance.

Corona Systems – Blown Film

This system combines our leadership in technology with new levels of affordability.

Corona Systems – Sheet Treating System

Fully self-contained Uni-Dyne corona discharge sheet treating systems are available in power ratings from 500-5000 watts.

Corona Systems – HFT Series Power Supplies

Select the full-sized, full-featured HFT power supply for a broad range of corona treating applications.

Corona Systems – Wide Web

Our new electrode design holds precise air gaps for uniform treatment of wide webs.

Corona Systems – Narrow Web

Our NEW Uni-Dyne® narrow-web system offers unprecedented ease of installation and use.