Corotec Products

You set the specs, we deliver the solution.

Corotec manufactures a complete line of corona treatment equipment and accessories designed to handle virtually any surface treatment application or requirement. Our Uni-Dyne® concept has significantly simplified the installation, operation, and maintenance of both narrow-web and medium-web systems by combining an entire corona treating system into a single, easy to install package. Our Plasma-Jet® line of 3D plasma treatment systems are used in applications ranging from industrial to automotive to medical, and they are also very easy to install and operate. Accessories such as automatic Power Density Control and Nozone® ozone destruction systems enhance product consistency and reliability while minimizing environmental impact.

At Corotec, we’ll help you get a jump on the competition with innovative solutions designed,
manufactured, and tested to your specifications. Our rigorous and continuing R&D efforts turn fresh thinking and bold ideas into products that set the industry standard in corona discharge surface treatment technology. So bring us your surface treating challenges – and watch us leap into action.