Corotec Corporation Technical Papers

The following technical papers examine various topics related to the process of surface treating and the benefits it provides.

Understanding the Basics from a Narrow-web Perspective
Within the last few years the narrow-web processor has been faced with many new challenges. Among them is the more frequent need to be able to apply both water-based and UV-curable inks and coatings to substrate

Frequency Effects on Corona Discharge Treatment
The basics of corona discharge treatment have been covered in detail in various literature in the past. In this article we will examine in greater detail, certain system operational characteristics and their overall effect on system component life and consistent surface treatment.

Rx for Medical Surface Preparation: Corona Discharge Treatment
It used to be that the best way to print calibrations on such items as plastic syringe barrels, medicine bottles, and caps was literally to expose the plastic to a flame, softening it just enough to allow the printing ink or labeling to adhere. With all the disadvantages inherent in such treatment, sometimes it seems hard to believe how widespread the process was – but, as someone once said, “It seemed like a good idea at the time.”