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Our new electrode design holds precise air gaps for uniform treatment of wide webs.

We have designed a unique electrode system to accommodate thermal expansion and improve treatment consistency, even in electrodes 20 feet or more in width.

The new wide-web electrode eliminates problems of sagging and thermal expansion that can change the air gap between the electrode and material being treated, resulting in inconsistent treatment across the width of the material.Our electrode is comprised of many segments that are physically stable but can move freely within the system. The segments expand and contract without changing the air gap, which remains constant throughout the operating temperature range of the system. A special coating helps resist ozone and heat on each segment so that the segments will not stick together or corrode.The wide-web electrode is one of our many innovations in a product line that also includes specially designed treaters for narrow or wide webs, the Plasma-Jet® system for treating 3-D products, ozone generators for coating and laminating operations, and custom systems for controlled-atmosphere treating and other technically advanced applications.

Versatile FlexiDyne Electrode

The convertible FlexiDyne Universal Electrode System (patented) eliminates the need to disassemble the treater and change electrodes to handle both conductive and nonconductive materials. It also avoids compromising treater performance by using a less-efficient bare roll system for all materials. For fast changeovers, the FlexiDyne assembly simply pivots to expose either the conventional shoe-type or ceramic cavity electrodes. Once in position, the width of the electrode can be adjusted in one-inch increments to suit different web widths.