About Us

Corotec manufactures corona treating equipment for both conductive and non-conductive materials,
with system-matched power supplies and power density controllers to assure reliable, economical
performance under the most demanding production requirements. Our broad product line includes
specially designed treaters for narrow webs, wide webs, three dimensional products, sheet-fed, blown film, and custom systems for controlled atmosphere treating and other technically advanced applications.

At Corotec, we have the resources, experience and technology to deliver the best corona treating
system for virtually any surface adhesion challenge – and a commitment to customer service and
technical support that will keep your equipment operating at peak efficiency for years to come.

Solving surface adhesion challenges with the complex variety of material and converting techniques in use today demands an experienced technical partner. Corotec is uniquely qualified for this task.

We at Corotec have earned our leadership position in this fast-moving industry by constantly innovating and refining the technology involved in the corona treating process.

In 1986 we introduced our first solid-state, high-frequency treater and the first power density control system. After years of reliable service in thousands of installations, these proven system innovations still lead the industry in performance and versatility. Today we offer 3 different power supply product lines with output ratings from 500 watts through 50 kilowatts, optimized for either low cost, compact size, or high performance for applications which demand a feature rich system.

Our latest system designs meet the ever-increasing need for higher and more consistent dyne levels
on a wide variety of new laminates, metallized materials, and for those switching over to UV-curable or water-based inks and adhesives.

The Corotec trial program allows you to select from the entire Corotec product family for the
corona treatment most appropriate for your application. In addition, for a reasonable monthly fee
you can rent the system of your choice, and at the end of the trial period the equipment can be
purchased at a reduced price.